Iva Bittova to release album in United States


The Czech singer and violinist Iva Bittova, who's often described as one of the most remarkable personalities in Czech music, is gaining more and more fans also among foreign audiences. Two years ago she was among the nominees in the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards and last year she made a number of appearances in the United States. Following another two gigs in Philadelphia and at New York's Carnegie Hall last month, Iva Bittova is now set to release an album in the United States.

The album which is due out in June will feature Iva Bittova's new project called "Elida". The project is supported by the management of Carnegie Hall which after Bittova's successful rendition of the character of Donna Elvira in David Chambers' adaptation of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" chose to show the Czech multitalented artist in her own project with the Bang On a Can All Stars band.

Iva Bittova, who describes her style as "my own personal folk music", says she discovered "Elida" when looking for inspiration for her new music. "Elida" is a poem by the Czech poet Vera Chase who writes in English. Bittova says she first chose the poem because she found it very provocative and erotic - and only later did she realise it was an "ode" to an old-fashioned brand of soap our grandmothers used to like.

A Czech re-release of the US album is scheduled for August and Iva Bittova and Bang On a Can All Stars are expected to play three concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.