Iva Bittová excels in folklore, jazz, rock and opera

Iva Bittová, photo: archive of Iva Bittová

Renowned Czech musician Iva Bittová turns 60 on July 22nd. An excellent singer, violinist and composer, Bittová has never focused on one particular genre. She plays and sings folk music, jazz, rock as well as opera. She has also starred in several Czech films and appeared on stage at home and abroad.

Iva Bittová,  photo: archive of Iva Bittová
Bittová is definitely not a mainstream musician and her name might not be familiar to every Czech, yet there is no other Czech musician who has performed so many times in New York’s Carnegie Hall.

What is Iva Bittová’s favourite music? In opera it is definitely the aria of Donna Elvira from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. She also loves Janáček and Bartók and their song cycles inspired by folk music, and of course Moravian folk songs, especially those performed on her favourite instrument – the violin.