“It’s experience dining”: 50m-high Dinner in the Sky to return to Prague

Dinner in the Sky is a food concept taking place across the world highlighting the best chefs and faces in contemporary gastronomy. Since 2017 the event has also been held in Prague, presenting Czech chefs who serve guests – at an altitude of 50 metres.

Calling all adrenaline junkies and those who love delicious food. Dinner in the Sky is coming back to Prague, a dining experience where you can be served a multiple course meal by a top ranking Czech chef, all while being hoisted up on a platform above the city ­– that’s if you have 4,000 crowns to spare on a meal.

Photo: Dinner in the Sky / Facebook

Dinner in the Sky is a global food experience that has been operating across 60 different countries since 2006. From Paris to Sao Paolo, the experience showcases the most influential faces in gastronomy and food culture of participating cities. Joining the ranks of major foodie cities, Prague hosted its first Dinner in the Sky experience in 2017.

Pavel Sperger, the event coordinator for this year’s iteration, explains the concept.

“I wouldn’t call the experience fine dining, but rather experience dining. Guests are elevated up to 50 meters high above the Vlatva River; this year we will be located at Dvořákově nábřeží. The table sits 22 guests, and it’s elevated by a crane up to 50 meters where the chef will serve you a three or four course menu.”

Each year a new face is selected to guest chef the event. This year’s Czech chef is Michelin star decorated Ondřej Koráb. Koráb has worked in Michelin star restaurants across the world from London to Toronto, Canada. But most notably in Czechia, he is currently the head chef at The Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary.

Dinner above Prague

Incidentally, Koráb says he has been preparing by going sky diving, to work on getting over his fear of heights.

That fear of heights is something Pavel Sperger says many guests have to overcome in order to board the platform headed for the sky.

Photo: Dinner in the Sky / Facebook

“To be honest, I’m usually at the reception desk, so I can see the guests when they are coming in before they go up and then after they leave. They are usually so full of adrenaline and stress at the beginning, but at the end they all come down wanting to hug me because they were initially so stressed at the beginning but they had such a great experience.”

This year’s iteration in Prague will also feature collaborations with local bars in the city, as Sperger explains.

“We’re always trying to improve the experience year by year, and this time we’re going to have a great bar in Prague serving cocktails in our lounge as a welcome drink for all of our guests, so this will be one of the new things for this year.”

Pre-booking is already underway for the event, which takes place in early September.