International trains will halt for an hour as clocks go back

On Sunday at 3 o'clock in the morning, clocks will go back in the Czech Republic as well as in the rest of Europe, as it is the end of this year's daylight saving period. While for most people, the autumn backward shift of the clock can be a welcome opportunity to gain an extra hour of sleep, the end of summer time also brings complications, notably in transportation schedules. Marketa Krasuova, the spokeswoman for the Czech Railways, explains that on Sunday, 12 international express trains with departure or destination points in the Czech Republic will have to remain stationary - in train stations - for an hour.

"There will be 12 trains affected by this time change. They are international trains, and passengers will have to wait one hour on these trains at the nearest station after the clock shift occurs. If this wasn't done, the trains would be running an hour ahead the scheduled time, which is not possible."

How will it affect local trains or trains that are running within the Czech Republic?

"The clock adjustment is carried out at night, and no local trains are running at this time so it won't affect any local trains."

Is this change similar to the time shift that happens in spring?

"No. In spring, the clock is moved in the opposite direction and it is unfortunately not possible to come with any special arrangements like this one. During the spring time shift, trains will be running differently than scheduled."

Will the passengers have any possibility to get any refreshments, like tea or coffee, during that one hour?

"These trains are mostly sleeping trains so we expect that the people will be asleep for an hour longer; but if someone is awake, they can buy tea or coffee or any kind of refreshments in every carriage."

How often do the Czech Railways generally change their timetable?

"Once a year we edit a new timetable; it actually happens in December every year. In addition to that, twice a year, in March and June, minor changes are incorporated into the timetable."