Interior Minister: Czech Republic can take in around 250,000 Ukrainian refugees

The Czech Republic has a well prepared system of help for refugees and is currently able to manage the large influx of people fleeing the war in Ukraine, Interior Minister Vít Rakušan. However, this might not last for long, he said, and it is necessary to establish a realistic limit of people for whom the country is able to provide basic standards of living. This limit stands at around 250,000 people, according to the interior minister, after which it will be necessary to start discussing options of EU-wide financial support for countries taking in Ukrainian refugees or a system of relocation.

Such a system would be similar to the one used in Greece in previous years. Mr Rakušan said that his ministry has sent a detailed brief of the current situation in the Czech Republic to the European Commission.

Around 100,000 people have arrived in the Czech Republic from Ukraine since the Russia’s invasion in the end of February.

Author: Tom McEnchroe