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Polish ruling party's popularity at new low -poll

Polish opposition parties have called on the Prime Minister Leszek Miller to resign after support for his party dropped to an all time low. Opinion poll results show that the prime minister party' the Social democrats, now has just 13 percent support - the lowest since the fall of communism.

Hungary protest over radar peak

Environmentalists have been protesting in Hungary against the construction of a new NATO radar station in the south of the country. Environmentalists claim the radar station would harm the natural environment. The ministry of defence says it is necessary to fulfil NATO commitments and will have minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Slovak cabinet passes anti-discrimination law

The Slovak cabinet has passed it's first an anti-discrimination bill. The draft law protects women, physically disabled persons, and ethnic minorities from discrimination and bans any discrimination at the work place based on sexual orientation.

Easyjet extend flights to more central European cities

The England-based budget airline Easyjet has announced new flights to Slovenia's Ljubljana airport. The flights are among seven new routes announced by the airline - Easyjet are also starting flights to Budapest and Prague.