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Hungary and Slovakia sign accord on minority affairs

The Foreign Ministers of Hungary and Slovakia have signed a joint agreement on cultural and education support for the minorities. The agreement, signed at the EU summit in Brussels, assists ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia and ethnic Slovaks in Hungary in preserving their identity. It ends years of dispute between Hungary and Slovakia over minority affairs.

Two Polish soldiers injured in Iraq attack

Two Polish soldiers serving in Iraq have been wounded in an attack on their convoy. The convoy was hit by a remote-controlled mine, 15 kilometres to the south of the capital Baghdad. One of the soldiers is said to be in a serious condition.

Czech state attorney call for higher sentence for alleged race attack

A 28-year-old Czech man has received a two-year suspended sentence for a brutal knife attack. The attack left a man from Gambia with one side of his face paralysed. The Czech state attorney has appealed the verdict, calling for a higher sentence for what she says was a racially motivated attack.

Haider donates Christmas tree to Slovene capital

And Austrian Freedom Party politician Joerg Haider has donated a Christmas tree to Slovenia's capital. The gift was given as a sign of Haider's support for the Slovenia's accession to the European Union next year.