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Hungarian peacekeeping troops arrive in Iraq

The first unit of the 300-member Hungarian contingent, participating in the international peacekeeping mission to Iraq, has arrived at the base south of Baghdad. The Hungarians are performing transport tasks under Polish military command.

Poland and Ukraine try to solve WW2 dispute

Both the Polish and Ukrainian parliaments have approved a joint declaration aimed at resolving a dispute over a World War 2 massacre. Nationalists on both sides are said to have killed thousands of civilians. The statement said there should not be any excuse for terror, violence and cruelty.

New variant of Creutzfeld Jakobs disease suspected in Czech Republic

Doctors in the Czech Republic say a 46-year-old woman who died in mid-June was apparently suffering from new variant Creutzfeld Jakobs disease, the human form of BSE. Tests are now underway to establish whether or not she was infected with the disease.

Slovak cabinet approves Vatican treaty

Slovakia's cabinet has approved a treaty with the Vatican on Catholic education. The treaty ensures catholic schools will be given the same amount of state funding as other schools

Austrian parliament votes in favour of EU expansion

And Austria's parliament has unanimously voted in favour of allowing all of the EU candidate countries to join the European Union next year. In the past the right-wing Freedom Party has opposed letting the Czech Republic join the EU.