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Visegrad group to stick together after enlargement

Leaders of the Visegrad group countries - Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, have said their co-operation must continue after they join the European Union next year. The statement was release at a Visegrad Summit in Slovakia.

IAEA says Hungary's nuclear power station is safe

Experts from the UN's nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, say Hungary's only nuclear power plant in Paks is safe. IAEA inspectors have been looking into a recent accident which resulted in a small radioactive leak.

Slovenia supports EU stance on the ICC

Slovenia is among candidate countries to have given it's backing to the EU's support of the International Criminal court. The United States has been pressuring Slovenia to sign an agreement exempting US citizens from war crimes prosecution by the court.

Poland's agriculture minister quits

Poland's agriculture minister Adam Tanski has resigned following criticism over delays in reforming the country' farm system. He's the 12th minister to leave Prime Minister Leszek Miller's government since it took office 20 months ago.

Czech authorities break up international drug ring

Czech police say they've broken up an international drug ring suspected of selling Ecstasy. The breakthrough followed a yearlong investigation carried out with police in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.