HN: Prague’s Jindřišská Tower has 16 potential buyers

There are currently 16 entities interested in purchasing the Jindřišská Tower in the centre of Prague, news site reported on Friday, citing verger Matyáš Berdych who is also a member of the economic council of the nearby Saint Henry’s parish.

News that the archbishopric was putting up the 15th century building for sale broke last week, with the Czech capital’s mayor, Zdeněk Hřib, saying that he was sad that the Catholic Church had not chosen to offer the historic property for sale to City Hall first. The vicar general of the Prague Archdiocese, Jan Balík, said that the tower is not a sacred object and therefore can be bought by anyone.

The tower is being listed for a price of CZK 75 million. However, the archbishopric has already warned that investments into necessary repairs will cost around CZK 35 million.