Health ministry to tighten restrictions on indoor events from Friday

Indoor events where more than ten people have to stand will be banned from 6pm Friday, the Ministry of Health informed via press release on Wednesday evening. The new rule includes restaurants, bars and clubs. However, exhibits, markets and similar events are exempt from the rule. Those events where people can be seated, have to sell tickets with the specific seat marked.

The announcement follows an indication earlier on Wednesday by Health Minister Adam Vojtěch in the Chamber of Deputies. He said the aim of such a measure will be to curb the rising amount of new cases registered in the country.

During the lower-house debate on the current COVID-19 situation in the country, Mr. Vojtěch said that the majority of those infected are people in their 20s who got infected at events such as clubbing and that they could be the main spreaders of the virus among those most at risk from the virus.

The health minister said that the rise in cases will continue in the near future with the amount being similar to that registered over recent days. He said that the ministry is modeling scenarios of how the situation may develop with the aim of stabilizing the spread of the pandemic.

Author: Tom McEnchroe