Govt approves further opening of schools, shops, cultural venues

Schools, shops, services, cultural institutions and other areas of life that have been closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic can reopen in the coming days under strict guidelines, the government decided on Thursday.

This coming Monday, pupils in the second grade and lower grades of multi-year grammar schools in seven regions will be able to return to primary schools, namely in Prague, Hradec Králové, Pislen, Karlovy Vary, Central Bohemia, Liberec and Pardubice. They will study at school one week and at home the next. Galleries and museums will also open in these regions.

A week later, on May 10, the rotational teaching system will be extended throughout the Czech Republic, and practical teaching for universities will also be renewed. As of that day, all stores and services can reopen but with reduced capacity

Author: Brian Kenety