Government bans going out without covered mouth and nose

The Czech government has approved a ban on going out anywhere in public while not wearing a surgical mask or covering one’s nose and mouth with a scarf, the news site reported, citing the minister of foreign affairs, Tomáš Petříček. The measure is due to come into effect from midnight on Wednesday.

The minister of health, Adam Vojtěch, confirmed the move on Twitter, writing that all citizens had to protect themselves and their surroundings.

A number of Czech regions, including Prague, had already brought in compulsory mouth and nose covering on public transport and in other places.

Many Czechs have been producing homemade masks due to a shortage in shops. The government says that they should become available to the public following a large shipment next weekend.

The government has also ordered that all shops only serve customers aged 65 and over between 10 am and noon. That provision comes into effect on Thursday.

As of Wednesday at 2 pm there were 464 registered cases of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic. Three people are in a serious condition and three have recovered.

Author: Ian Willoughby