General Faculty Hospital in Prague announces major investment plan

The General Faculty Hospital in Prague plans to spend CZK 8 billion on reconstructing its facilities, as well as constructing new buildings. Work is set to begin next year, hospital director Davida Feltla announced on Wednesday, saying that the aim is to increase centralisation as the hospital is currently spread around 20 places in the capital.

The plan is to construct two new blocs in the main area of the hospital on Prague’s Karlovo náměstí worth a total of CZK 3.5 billion, which will house local, but also currently remote sections such as the transfusions  department currently in Zbraslav and the children’s ward in Klárov.

A further CZK 2 billion will be invested in modernising the hospital’s gynecology and birth clinic, while CZK 150 million worth of EU funds will be spent on improving the addictology clinic.

Author: Tom McEnchroe