Fuel prices at record high

Fuel prices in the Czech Republic are at an all-time high, with a litre of the most popular Natural 95 petrol currently selling for an average of CZK 47.69 per litre, according to data from the company CCS, which monitors prices. This is an increase of over one crown within a week. Diesel is selling for an average of CZK 46.94 per litre, which is CZK 1.17 more expensive than the previous week.

These prices stand in stark contrast to the situation a year ago, when the average price for one litre of petrol was CZK 15.28 lower and CZK 16.66 lower for diesel. Fuel prices rose sharply at the end of February when Russia launched its war on Ukraine, and have been mostly rising since then, despite government measures to try to mitigate it.

Author: Anna Fodor