Photo: JLA, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

All of us have found ourselves in situations when everything goes wrongs, days we would like to forget. When you get canned from work, get the boot from your partner, or get evicted from your apartment. Sometimes all three at once. Mňága & Zďorp have just the song for you called: Zapomenout (To Forget). Listen for the line chtěl bych zapomenout – I’d like to forget.

Photo: JLA,  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
In Zapomenout, the band sing from the perspective if an apparently ‘numbed’ or jaded protagonist one of whose most difficult choices in life now is whether to have a beer or cola. Who picks up a girl (most likely a prostitute) at the train station and goes and has lunch with her somewhere even though the money is about to run out.

All capped by the line he’d 'like to forget'.

It is not clear exactly what life trauma he has been through, whether small or large. The style of the song suggests either is a valid possibilities (although, given the comic feel to the music, I’d say not too serious): someone who went through something truly awful and never recovered… or a sheepish nerd who simply never set their sights high enough and has long gotten used to getting booted in the backside by life.

Either way, he’d like to forget. Chtěl bych zapomenout.

We’ve all had days from which it took some time to rebound. Hoď to za hlavou, your friends tell you on such occasions, put it behind you, zapomeň na to, forget about it. Your ex-girlfriend threw out your childhood action figure collection? You’re 40 years old, man, it was time to get over it anyway. Now is the time to leave childish things behind.

Photo: Štěpánka Budková
She cut all your ties in half? They dated back to the 1980s (who wears stringy black leather ties in 2016)?!

She stole your car after she peed on your carpet (and that’s a reference BTW…). Forget it. Put it behind you. Forget.

That goes for some of those unrealistic fantasies as well: such as getting a real job with a real salary, meeting a new gorgeous 25-year-old, hey, even bringing home and training a new puppy, a creature who will actually like you. So many goals…

Forget right now about ever getting in shape.

Instead? Slip into your comfort zone, if you have one left. My advice? Fire up the computer and destroy major mighty empires till dawn in your old copy of Starcraft. Then see if you can muster enough energy just to get to work in the morning or, if you prefer, sleep straight through the next day instead. You can do it, you can forget.