Folk and chanson singer Radůza and her latest album Man with a White Dog

Radůza, photo: Jana Pechlátová

Folk and chanson singer Radůza, one of the brightest lights on the Czech music scene, has just released a new album titled Man with a White Dog.

Radůza, photo: Jana Pechlátová

Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, Radůza has been on the Czech music scene for close to two decades. Creative, intelligent and fond of travel, Radůza speaks several languages and plays the piano, guitar, accordion, flute and other instruments. The musician has a strong affinity to Nature from which she frequently draws inspiration.

Her latest album has sixteen songs inspired by tramping and Indian legends. She dedicated it to her late parents memory, who instilled in her a love of Nature, and whom she lost within a month of each other at the beginning of last year.

“I’m a nomad at heart,” Radůza said in a recent interview, “I always have one bag packed, one just unpacked and one halfway ready”. She loves discovering new cultures and hearing new languages.

Man with a White Dog is a fictitious tale of Indian John Wood at whose cradle stood two white wolves. Before she composed the music and wrote the lyrics, Radůza studied piles of books on the lives of Indians, their culture and rituals.

The album is a colourful mix of camp-fire and dance music, dominated by folk and country instruments, such as the guitar, banjo and harmonica, but there is also a trace of jazz or blues.