EU agriculture support programme launched in CR

Czech Finance Minister Pavel Mertlik and the EU's agriculture commissionaire, Franz Fischler, have signed an agreement to finance the SAPARD programme, a joint programme for investments in agriculture and rural development. The signing of the six-year agreement was the first step towards launching the SAPARD programme in the Czech Republic, which will receive 22 million euros annually to support its agriculture and countryside.

PM Zeman visits Sweden

Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman is on a visit to Sweden. He is accompanied by Industry and Trade Minister Miroslav Gregr, as well as a group of Czech businessmen. Mr. Zeman has encouraged Swedish businessmen to invest in the Czech Republic. He described the country as a stable environment for Scandinavian investment, especially in connection with a tender for new fighter jets for the Czech army, where Swedish-made JAS-39 Gripen stands a good chance of winning. Mr. Zeman's agenda also includes talks on EU enlargement. Sweden currently holds the presidency of the European Union, and is the Czech Republic's 15th biggest trade partner.