The Dominator visits Kharkiv: “Good luck, Ukraine!”

Dominik Hašek in Ukraine

The legendary Czech goalie Dominik Hašek (nicknamed The Dominator) paid a visit to the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Monday to express support for the country, which has been successfully resisting Russian military aggression since February of last year.

Dominik Hašek | Photo: Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation/Facebook

In a video posted on Facebook, Hašek expressed his support for Ukrainian hockey players, Ukrainian children and the brave people of Ukraine. In the video, The Domintor is seen posing with members of the Ukrainian Hockey Federation.

"It was with great pleasure that I came to Kharkiv to tell everyone that I support Ukraine, Ukrainian sport, its youth and children. I want your children to be able to play hockey and go to school again," Hašek says in the video. "Good luck Ukraine, good luck Kharkiv!" he concludes with a broad smile and a thumbs up.

According to the local news site Gwara, the iconic Czech goalie visited a number of sports facilities in Kharkiv and spoke with Ukrainian athletes, voicing great admiration for the fact that they were continuing to train even in the midst of war.

Photographs published by the news site show Hašek with junior hockey players or standing among the ruins of bombed buildings.

Hašek has been a staunch and vocal supporter of Ukraine since the war broke out, calling for Russian athletes to be barred from international competitions. He has been highly critical of the fact that Russian players are still allowed to play in the NHL and has taken part in various auctions to help raise money for the country.

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