Daria Kascheeva’s Daugther awarded animation award at Sundance Film Festival

Daughter, the animated short created by Prague’s FAMU Film School student Daria Kashcheeva has been awarded the Short Film Jury Award for Animation at the annual Sundance Film Festival. It is the latest in a series of high-level awards bestowed on the film since it came out in 2019. The 33-year-old Kashcheeva, who made the picture as part of her bachelor degree at FAMU, used an innovative hand-held camera technique in the film. This, she says, gives it a documentary feel and has impressed many critics.

The annual Utah based Sundance Film Festival was created by actor and director Robert Redford and is regarded as the largest festival of independent American cinematography.

Ms Kashcheeva’s Daughter has also been nominated for this year’s Oscars and the Czech Lion Magnesia Award for the Best Student Film.

Author: Tom McEnchroe