Daily news summary

Czech Republic sees record increase of new HIV cases

Doctors in the Czech Republic registered a record rise in the number of new HIV cases in the first half of 2014 - the highest since records of the virus were first established in former Czechoslovakia in 1985. According to information provided by the National Reference Laboratory for HIV/AIDS the first six months saw 129 new cases of HIV registered; since the beginning of the year, 10 people developed AIDS. Since records have been kept, the lab registered 2,251 HIV cases, overall, 410 AIDS cases, and 209 AIDS-related deaths. Doctors have long warned the situation in the Czech Republic regarding HIV was worse than first appeared.

Prison service stops order of new uniforms

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic has put a stop to a massive order of new uniforms and complementary items worth 91.4 billion crowns, not including VAT, over a four-year period. The order was prepared during the tenure of former prison service head Petr Dohnal, who was recently recalled from his post. Items in the order included pants, shirts and, for example, bow ties new website Novinky.cz reported.

Twenty-four-year-old aggressor caught after brutal attack

A CCTV camera captured images of an aggressor at the corner of Prague's Veletržní and Dukelských hrdinu streets, brutally attacking another man on the sidewalk for no apparent reason and beating him almost to death. The incident took place at around 4:30 AM on Sunday. The 24-year-old attacker rained punches on the man after he went down and then, even when he was motionless, continued to hit and knee him in the head. The instigator at one point had made as if to leave, but returned for a second 'wave'. Police arrived at the scene within two minutes of being notified, catching the suspect and providing first aid to the injured party. The instigator could be charged with attempted murder which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in jail.

Ticket inspectors to begin using audio recording devices

Ticket inspectors on Prague busses and trams, as well as on metro lines, will begin using audio recording devices to capture on tape dealings with passengers, not least those caught without paying or failing to provide documentation. The head of the city's transit company has said he hoped it would lead to fewer complaints over inspectors' work, adding it would protect passengers as well. A similar system is already in place in České Budějovice and saw a drop of 90 percent in the number of complaints. Inspectors in Prague will begin using the devices over the course of August, Lidové noviny reported; 150 ticket inspectors are currently employed by Prague's transit company.

Meteorologists warn of coming storms on Sunday night

Meteorologists have warned that strong storms will hit parts of the Czech Republic on Sunday night. Winds in places could reach up to 70 km per hour. Some areas could see up to 40 mm of rainfall, which could affect local streams and lead, for example, to flooding of cellars and basements and low-lying sites. Parts of the country expected to be affected include the Czech-Moravian highlands, South Moravia and the Olomouc regions.

Sunday evening promising for skywatchers

Sunday evening brings two events for skywatchers - the so-called supermoon and the Perseid meteor shower, two days before the meteor shower reaches its peak. The supermoon is a non-astronomical term for when the moon's orbit brings it closer to Earth, appearing 14 percent larger than usual and 30 percent brighter than other full moons, according to sources. In the Czech Republic, the dramatic full moon will be observable best from roughly 8 PM and later into the night.