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Czech tennis star Kvitová injured in home knife attack

The Czech tennis star Petra Kvitová was hurt during an attack at her apartment in the Moravian town of Prostějov on Tuesday morning. It has been reported that the injury may include a cut to the tendons in her left hand, the one she plays with. A local newspaper quoted a source close to the player as saying that Kvitová had fought back against the attacker and in so doing had had her hands and all her fingers cut and would likely need surgery. Her spokesman Karel Tejkal told Czech Radio that it appeared to be a random rather than planned crime. He said the two-time Wimbledon winner, who is 26, was receiving medical care. Police said the assailant had got into Kvitová’s home by claiming to be a boiler inspector and had fled after the attack. They said a robbery had occurred.

Czech leaders offer condolences to Germany in wake of Berlin terror

Czech political leaders have offered condolences to Germany in the wake of Monday’s terrorist attack on a Christmas market in central Berlin which killed twelve people and injured dozens of others. Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka expressed solidarity with the German government and said his thoughts were with the families of the victims. Culture Minister Daniel Herman also condemned the attack, stressing that the Christmas message of peace and hope must not be overshadowed by evil. Trade Minister Jan Mladek echoed that sentiment, saying that violence against civilians must not become the norm in Europe. The Czech Republic has beefed up security at its Christmas markets and other frequented places in the wake of the attack.

Zeman rejects all refugees, saying terror attacks are getting closer to CR

President Miloš Zeman says terrorist attacks are getting closer to the Czech Republic and it is clear that the security measures in place at Prague Castle are important. Mr. Zeman made the comment the day after an attack in Berlin in neighbouring Germany left 12 people dead. Communicating via his spokesman Jiří Ovčáček, he said he was against any refugees on the territory of the Czech Republic. The president said Monday’s horrific attack on the German capital had confirmed his longstanding warning of the risk of terror attacks in Europe.

Czech Foreign Ministry condemns murder of Russian diplomat in Turkey

The Czech Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrej Karlov, saying the attack is a grave violation of the inviolability of diplomatic representatives and an assault on the rules of international law governing the work of diplomats worldwide. The attack is all the more despicable in light of the fact that the mission of diplomats is to seek understanding through peaceful negotiations, the ministry said in a statement published on its web page. The ministry said the Czech Republic would continue to support the war on terror in every way possible.

Babiš cool on more state aid for bankrupt OKD

Finance Minister Andrej Babiš has reacted coolly to a call from mining company OKD, which has been in bankruptcy since May, for state aid for the Paskov mine in North Moravia. In a letter to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, OKD said it needed CZK 723 million to cover severance payments for employees and to wind down the mine. Mr. Babiš said his ministry did not envisage giving the company another state loan on top of the CZK 700 million it received earlier this year. The Paskov mine is due to close at the end of March.

Weather forecast

It should be cloudy with some fair spells on Wednesday. Temperatures are expected to reach up to 2 degrees Celsius. Daytime highs are likely to rise slightly during the week to 3 degrees on Christmas Eve, when rain is expected.