Daily news summary


Fifth national food collection held in Czech Republic

The fifth national food collection is held around the Czech Republic on Saturday. Sone 750 shops, including stores owned by major chains, take part in the event in which members of the public can donate non-perishable foodstuffs that will then be redistributed to those in need. The campaign is organised by a corporate responsibility platform Business for Society, along with other NGOs. Last year, some 312 tonnes of food were donated.

Czechs mark International Veterans Day

Czechs are marking International Veterans Day, which is celebrated internationally on November 11, the anniversary of the end of World War I. Several events are being held across the country to mark the occasion.

A traditional ceremony took place at the national memorial on Prague’s Vítkov Hill on Saturday morning. The event was attended by defence minister Matin Stropnický, who awarded medals and honours to war veterans, resistance fighters and soldiers. Part of the ceremony was introduction of the book The Other Life, containing photographs and stories of military missions and activities.

Saint Martin’s wine goes on sale

The first wine of the season, the so-called Saint Martin’s wine, goes on sale on Saturday in the Czech Republic. Czechs are celebrating the Feast of Saint Martin, which falls on November 11 and which has become an occasion for winemakers to present their young wines.

Events featuring wine tasting are traditionally held at various venues around the country. This year, the main event takes place on Freedom Square in Bnro. In Prague, festivities will be traditionally held in Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad and the Rašínovo nábřeží embankment. This year, sellers expect around 2.2 million bottles of Saint Martin’s to go on the market, which is a slight drop on the previous year.

Numbers of theatres in Czechia tripled since 1993

Number of theatres in the Czech Republic has tripled since the break-up of Czechoslovakia in 1993 and about twice as many performances take place each year, the Czech News Agency reported on Saturday, referring to the data by The National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture. The number of theatre-goers has increased from 4.3 million in 1993 to about six million last year. Last year, there were 189 permanent theatres in the Czech Republic which featured nearly 31,000 performances.

US actor Harvey Keitel shooting in Czech Republic

US actor Harvey Keitel is currently in the Czech Republic, shooting a supporting role for the film The Painted Bird by Czech director Václav Marhoul. The Oscar-nominated actor, who will be staying in the country for the next ten days, appears in the role of a Catholic priest.

The film, an adaptation of Polish writer Jerzy Kosiński’s 1965 novel, is slated for release in 2019. The cast includes other acclaimed international actors such Stellan Skarsgård and Udo Kier.

Average temperatures expected in the coming weeks

Temperatures in the Czech Republic should be average for the time of year in the next four weeks, according to a long-term forecast from the Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute. Daytime highs are expected to hover around five degrees Celsius, dropping to zero at night. Rainfall levels should also be average for the time of year.


Sunday is expected to be partly cloudy with occasional rain showers and snow showers in higher altitudes. Daytime temperatures are expected to range between three to seven degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists have issued a warning of widespread icy roads across the Czech Republic which is effective from Saturday night until Sunday morning.