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Babiš: No need to fight climate change in style of fanatical religion

The Czech prime minister says it is necessary to deal with the issue of climate change rationally, not to combat it in the manner of a fanatical religion. Andrej Babiš is due to attend the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York next week. Speaking in Prague on Tuesday, he said the Czech Republic was committed to net-zero carbon emissions. However, related economic changes need to be effective in terms of cost and fair when it comes to sharing the burden among states, he said.

Mr. Babiš told MPs at a conference at the Czech lower house that there was no need to exaggerate the issue by saying climate change would mean people wouldn’t have children or would become vegetarians. He reiterated that the Czech Republic regards nuclear power as the way forward.

Woman with transplanted womb gives birth in Czech Republic for first time

A woman with a transplanted womb has given birth to a child in the Czech Republic for the first time. The baby, a boy, was born at Prague’s Motol hospital at the end of last month, representatives announced on Tuesday. He was delivered by Caesarean section in the 35th week of the pregnancy of the mother, who is 27 years old.

Doctors said the mother would keep the transplanted womb in case she wishes to have a second child.

Survey identifies six classes in Czech society

Czech society is divided into six social classes that differ in terms of resources and status, suggests a newly released survey produced by Czech Radio in cooperation with sociologists. The report found that around a third of Czechs belong in two types of upper middle class, while three types of lower middle class account for almost half the population. The remaining 18 percent belong to an impoverished class, the survey indicates.

The two kinds of upper middle class include the wealthy (22 percent) and cosmopolitans (12 percent), who have less money but strong social contacts and skills.

The lower middle classes are the traditional proletariat (14 percent), the endangered (22 percent), who have seen a downturn in their wealth, and a class who own property and have connections in their localities (12 percent).

Unions recommend negotiators push for rises of up to 7 percent

Czech trade unions have recommended that negotiators push for pay rises of 6 to 7 percent next year. The Czech Confederation of Trade Unions made the call at a conference attended by over 1,500 union delegates in Prague on Tuesday. The umbrella organisation also said that it would push for reduced working hours without pay decreases and for longer holidays.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce said employers were planning an average pay increase of 6 percent in 2020 in any case, regardless of pressure from workers.

Berousek circus to cease touring Czech Republic

One of the Czech Republic’s best-known circuses, the Original Berousek National Circus, is to cease touring the country, Lidovky.cz reported. Owner Jiří Berousek told the news site that the organisation would put down sticks in one place next year and open a fun park. He said the reason was a lack of staff, including technical workers, animal handlers and drivers.

Mr. Berousek also said his circus had been harmed by a case last year in which animal parks owner Ludvík Berousek, a relative, and others were found guilty of killing critically endangered tigers and illegally trading in products made from their carcasses.

Slavia boss eyes third spot as Champions League campaign starts at Inter

Slavia Prague are preparing to play their first Champions League game in 12 years, away against Inter Milan, on Tuesday night. Slavia have a tough group that also features Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund and their manager, Jindřich Trpišovský, says the club’s aim will be to still be in European competition after Christmas.

To achieve that the Czech title-holders would need to come at least third in the group, a result that would give them a place in the knock-out stages of the second-tier Europa League.

This is only the second time Slavia have reached the Champions League.

Weather forecast

It should be quite sunny in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, with temperatures of up to 15 degrees Celsius. Daytime highs should climb to the low 20s Celsius at the weekend, when it will be sunny.