Daily news summary

Saturday sees some of the lowest growth of coronavirus cases in two weeks, number of hospitalised falls

As of Sunday morning there were 7,352 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, 79 more than the previous day. This is the second lowest increase in cases over the past two week period. However, at 4,411, the number of COVID-19 tests carried out on Saturday was also lower by several thousand units than during work days. The death toll has risen by 4 to 219.

One of the key positive indicators is that the number of people hospitalised with COVID-19 has shrunk by 33 on Saturday to a total of 352, experts told the Czech News Agency.

In Czech Republic fear of drought trumps that of viral pandemic, survey shows

Drought and other symptoms of climate change are threats which cause most concern among Czechs. Meanwhile the fear of another pandemic ranks third on the imaginary scale, just after that of a major economic crisis. This according to an exclusive survey conducted by the polling agency MEDIAN for Czech Radio.

According to respondents, drought and related climate change symptoms are considered to be a threat by 85 percent of Czechs, the same ratio of Czechs also said they fear another economic crisis, although the level of certainty was lower. The fear of another viral pandemic came in third in the survey, with 77 percent saying they either seriously, or slightly fear the outbreak of another disease.

War and the threat of cyber attack came in fourth, being a source of fear among 57 percent of Czechs, followed by social isolation with 55 percent and the weakening of democracy at 42 percent.

The survey was conducted between April 22-23, 2020.

Coronavirus testing: Prague fills up volunteer quota in four days

More than 12,000 Czechs have thus far been tested for the coronavirus as part of a large scale Ministry of Health study, launched three days ago, which seeks to get an accurate estimate of the amount of the population that may have already had COVID-19 and has therefore developed antibodies.

The largest level of interest has been registered in Prague, where the required quota of volunteers has been fulfilled for all age groups, Czech Television reported on Sunday. Meanwhile, in Brno, quota have been filled up for the over 60s age group.

Testing also continues in Olomouc, Litoměřice, Litovel and Uničov.

In total, the study is expected to take two-weeks and test a mix of 27,000 pre-selected individuals and volunteers.

Online stores could see 20 percent rise in profits thanks to coronavirus

Revenues from domestic online stores could rise by 20 percent to a record CZK 190 billion in 2020, due to the coronavirus epidemic, according to the Czech Association of E-commerce. The association’s director Jan Vetyška, says the crisis has led to both more clients turning to online stores and more businesses setting up e-commerce channels.

In January experts were predicting online sales to grow by 15 percent in 2020. Now, it seems that growth could exceed this figure even by 10 percent, if conditions on the market remain highly favourable, says Mr Vetyška.

New study to measure coronavirus infections among drug addicts

A new study, which will focus on measuring the numbers and rates of COVID-19 infections among drug addicts and service staff in addiction centres across the Czech Republic, is set to be launched on Monday. Under the name ADI-COVID-19, the study will be realised by the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction (NMC).

Tests will be carried out on a weekly basis in addiction centres across the Czech Republic and will help establish an overall picture of the number of coronavirus infections in the country, the head of the NMC, Viktor Mravčík, said ahead of the study’s launch.

A total of 30,000 tests could be used in total on 2,000 drug addicts and an unspecified number of service staff during the study. Participation in the study is to be voluntary.


Monday will see temperatures rise to around 20 degrees Celsius across nearly all parts of the country. In North Bohemia it will be slightly more chilly, with the temperature expected to lie at 18 degrees. Skies will be cloudy, but less so in the north than in the south.