Czechs working in foreign firms: Is more money worth the higher workload?

Due to the considerable economic advantages, it has become quite the norm for many Czechs to work for foreign firms within the borders of their own country. According to a recent press report, employment with these companies does however have its disadvantages: often the much higher salaries come with an increased workload and higher levels of stress. Radio Prague's Pavla Navratilova reports.

Although foreign firms within the Czech Republic offer greater earning potential for Czech citizens, many feel overworked and undervalued in these working environments. In a country where economic possibilities are limited, most Czech businesses cannot compete with their foreign counterparts in terms of salaries and benefits for employees and so an increasing number of Czechs turn to international firms for employment. However the foreign work environment, often leaves Czechs feeling overlooked, under-praised, and disregarded.

I talked to one Czech employee who works for a foreign advertising firm, Petr Hnik, and he gave quite a different picture. For him, the advantages outweighed the drawbacks associated with working in foreign firms.

Petr Hnik: The main advantage is that most of the international companies have some future, they are progressive, etc... A lot of Czech companies are just surviving, pretty much. Of course there are exceptions, but quite a lot of the time this is how it is.

Radio Prague: According to Tuesday's Lidovy Noviny, it mentions that many Czechs feel that they are invisible in foreign companies; they are little more than a name on a pay-cheque, has that been your experience?

PH: No, but the thing is that I am working in Prague in an advertising, and the situation is rather different than in some companies in small cities where they work for not that big money because there is not that much employment in these areas. So my situation is very different and I do not have any bad experiences at all.

RP: And in your firm, do you find that the working environment differs than that of a Czech company?

PH: I believe it is more professional. My company is part of the international net of companies that gives it higher standards of work and things like that, so it is very positive.

RP: And is there a greater workload than would be in an equivalent Czech company?

PH: I guess it is. The fact is that I work more and I make more money. I find it satisfying. It's work that I enjoy and it makes sense. It's very productive work so I don't have a problem working more.

RP: Can you tell me what the experience would be if you were in the same job under Czech management?

PH: The Czech management that I used to know they were very confused, they did not know what to do, what's going on... And their whole system was based on knowing somebody. It was not very professional.

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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