Czechs send more SMS's from summer holidays

Staying with mobile phones, the number of text messages sent by Czech customers from abroad this summer has increased by 100-200 percent compared to last year. Czech operators report thousands to tens of thousands of SMSs sent by their customers each day from foreign countries. Those numbers are only a fraction of the millions of text messages sent daily in the Czech Republic. The spokespersons for the three Czech mobile phone operators, Eurotel, T-mobile and Cesky Mobil, say international SMSs are not very profitable for them as the larger part of the price is swallowed up by the foreign roaming partners. Most text messages are traditionally sent at Christmas and on New Year's Eve. Last year Czechs sent close to 3 billion SMSs. The number of mobile phone owners in the Czech Republic is estimated at 7,430,000 - three quarters of the population.