Number of Czechs watching TV on mobiles doubles

Illustrative photo: Adam Nieścioruk, Unsplash / CC0

The number of Czechs watching TV shows on their mobile devices has doubled in the last year and today stands at around 6 percent, according to data from the operator cited by the Czech News Agency.

A typical touch mobile phone has a display size of 5 to 6.5 inches while the largest ones have a 7.3-inch display. Even then, says Telly, the display area is 10 times smaller than a 75-inch TV set.

According to the media analysts Nielsen, the era of watching television shows and movies on mobile screens started in 2011 and is constantly growing year-on-year.

The head of, Vladimír Rusnák, told the Czech News Agency that the number of viewers in this country consuming programmes on a mobile device had doubled in a single year.

Mr. Rusnák said there were five people using Android-based devices for every iOS user.

According to the director of the Axocom distribution company, Erika Luzsicza, television on mobile phones and tablets is still essentially an additional service; though it is slowly growing, as of yet it accounts for a marginal share of total viewership.

Limiting factors are comfort and data consumption. TV series are the content that gets the most views on mobiles, though people tend to watch just sections of shows in that way, Ms. Luzsicza said.

Mobile devices still account for a relatively small share of TV viewership. This year it should reach up to 10 percent, on the back of the fact that people have been home more due to the Covid-19 situation, said Luzsicza.

TV sets, and to a lesser extent computers, still account for far more viewers, she said.

According to 2020 data from the Czech Statistical Office, about 97 percent of young people (those aged 16–24) in this country use the internet on a mobile device.

Some 79 percent of Czech households today possess a touchscreen device, an increase of more than fourfold in the last eight years.

However, this does not mean that people watch TV shows only on their mobile phones; most TV operators allow you to watch programmes on multiple (usually four or five) devices at the same time, the Czech News Agency said.