Czechs to open clinic in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, photo: Alidamji, CC BY 3.0

A Czech businessman is set to open a clinic in Tanzania. It is the first major Czech investment in the country, the daily e15 wrote on Friday.

Dar es Salaam,  photo: Alidamji,  CC BY 3.0
The Europe Dispensary Clinic was built by Czech consultant Viktor Korček, founder of the Czech-Kenyan trade chamber, and is set to start operating in August in Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam. It is intended mainly for middle-class and higher class clients.

Korček expects the clinic to attract around three thousand patients a month and to be economically self-sufficient. It will cooperate with local insurance companies. At the moment, some 50 percent of Tanzania’s inhabitants have medical insurance.

“We want to expand medical services as much as possible, because they are still lacking significantly in Tanzania,” Korček told the daily e15. He also said the quality of medical services in Tanzania was not very high. The Czech Foreign Ministry currently doesn’t recommend its nationals to seek medical services in Tanzania.

The clinic currently employs a number of general practitioners but in the future, Korček would like to attract more specialists, especially in the field of eye surgery.

The Czech clinic in Dar es Salaam will cooperate without the support of Czech institutions, but it is registered with the Tanzanian state agency which provides investors with administrative support and incentives.

Ilja Mazánek, head of the foreign section of Czech Chamber of Commerce, told the daily that Czech companies have not been very active in Tanzania to date.

Among the Czech companies which are considering investing in Tanzania is the Czech furniture producer Techo. The company, which is mostly exporting to Kenya, is currently considering launching its production in the country.