Czechs mark 70th anniversary of brutal Communist crack-down on religious orders

Czechs are marking the 70th anniversary of the Communist regime’s brutal crackdown on Czechoslovakia’s monasteries and holy orders.

The notorious operation known as Akce K (Operation K) saw the mass incarceration of more than 2,300 monks, a massive seizure of church property and historical artefacts.

On the night of April 13, 1950, the secret police, soldiers and the People’s Militia surrounded 75 Czech and 62 Slovak monasteries. Some clergymen were murdered, others were sent to labour camps or placed in the army.

The Communist regime plundered 429 buildings belonging to male monastic orders, 670 buildings belonging to female orders, some 2,000 works of art, another 2,000 historical artefacts, and a vast number of rare manuscripts and books.