Czechs disinfect British tourists as foot-and-mouth panic spreads

Europe is now gripped by panic over fears that the cattle disease foot-and-mouth has spread from Great Britain to the continent. On Friday, as suspected cases were reported in France and Belgium, the Czech authorities decided to take action. All cars from Great Britain have to go through tight security checks on the border, and at Prague's Ruzyne Airport two gates have been specially reserved for British flights. Travelers arriving from Britain are being asked to walk through special booths, where their clothing is disinfected, and all food on board is taken to the Prague's Bulovka hospital to be destroyed. The import of pigs, pasture animals and raw meat from Britain has also been banned. On Monday morning, members of the Czech Veterinary Authority met to discuss further measures, and shortly afterwards Dita Asiedu spoke to the body's director, Josef Holesovsky.