Czechia Explained Again. Czechast Special with Petr Pavlínek, Professor Of Geography

Petr Pavlínek

Following the publication of my previous episode on the name "Czechia", I received a brisk reaction from a vehement proponent of the name in international forums Professor Pavlínek who teaches goegraphy in Prague and Omaha, Nebraska. He was not happy about some of the formulations and we debate what "grinds his gears".

In this special episode of Czechast you will be able to hear Professor Pavlínek's reservations and objections. To provide context for our recorded conversation, which is in English, it's worth noting that we spent about two hours in a friendly and honest discussion, conversing in both Czech and English. The following recording has been edited for brevity and clarity, but rest assured, this has not altered the tone or meaning of my questions or Professor Pavlínek's answers.

But since professor Pavlínek divides his time between Czechia and the US, we did not talk just about the name of this country. First, I inquired about how he balances his teaching responsibilities between Prague and Omaha, Nebraska.

Author: Vít Pohanka
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