Czech women have everything for international matchmaker

Foto: Archiv Radio Prag

Czech women are highly sought after as brides in the West and Arab countries according to the boss of a worldwide matchmaking service. According to him they can offer everything, including at least conversational English and a valid passport.

Czech newspapers have recently been trumpeting the possibilities for rich Arabs to find Czech female partners from a top of the range worldwide matchmaking service. Those possibilities are being offered by the Hand in Hand agency which recently opened a branch in the capital of the Gulf state of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. The young smiling Czechs are featured in the catalogue as would-be brides for would be husbands willing to fork out around 2,000 dollars for the service. The women don’t have to pay anything.

The founder of Hand in Hand, 73-year old former investment banker from New York, Joseph Weiner, says the matchmaking business is booming partly because many Western, and presumably Arab, men can’t find what they are looking for at home.

“Women want better partners and men want better partners. And the men in America and the UK and probably the United Arab Emirates, or anywhere, are looking for beautiful women, intelligent, educated, devoted and reasonably young. That’s a very difficult task in some of these places. The women have become feministic and materialistic and they do not want a guy who is five foot 10 inches and 15-20 years older. They don’t have to. If they have looks and education they can get a guy their age or even younger with money.”

Mr. Weiner is wary of giving figures for how many couples he has brought together. He complains that the happy couples frequently don’t tell him when they have hitched. Czech papers report that some Czech women have already found partners in the United Arab Emirates.

That would be no surprise for Mr. Weiner, who set up his Czech branch 14 years ago, and is full of praise for what local women can offer on the marriage market.

“We think that the Czech and Slovak women are the best. They are in the top 10 education systems in the world, obviously quite good looking and have a high level of culture. So you are talking about a woman who has got everything.”

For him Czech, woman also have another fundamental factor in their favor and that is what might be described as their international ticket to bride.

“It’s the passport, they got to have a passport, basically because of the visa problem. Basically the Czechs and Slovaks do not need a visa to go anywhere in Western Europe and they do not need a visa to come to America, which obviously helps us. So basically, they have to have a passport.”