Czech Television will not have to apologize to Agrofert for reporting, court rules

Czech Television will not have to issue an apology to Agrofert for connecting the company to the dismissal of the director of the Pribram Financial Administration, the Municipal Court in Prague ruled on Wednesday. The verdict is not yet final and Agrofert can appeal to the High Court in Prague.

Agrofert, the company founded by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who has since placed it in trust funds, originally issued a lawsuit against Czech Television, stating that the station’s reports broadcast as part of the Reportéři ČT programme last year had damaged the company’s reputation. However, the judge ruled that many members of the public had already noted before that Mr. Babiš was the owner of Agrofert at the time that he was finance minister and therefore that it was fair for the reporters to make such a connection.

Author: Tom McEnchroe