Czech shopping spree hits peak with billion in sales in single day

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The Christmas shopping spree in the Czech Republic hit its peak on Monday, December 11, with Czechs spending more than one billion crowns in e-shops in a single day, the Association for Electronic Commerce said on Wednesday. According to the price comparison website, online stores recorded nearly two-and-a-half million orders.

Photo: blackzheep /
Together with Tuesday and Wednesday, when Czechs also spent high sums for Christmas presents, it was a record week.

“The busiest day is traditionally one of the December Mondays. After last year’s experience with delayed orders, we tried to motivate our customers not to leave their purchases to the last minute,” Heureka’s director Tomáš Braverman told the Czech News Agency.

Most people have ordered books. Among the most popular titles was Stephen King’s horror classic ‘It’ and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Norse Mythology’. People also ordered perfumes, dietary supplements, mobile phones, dog food, board games, or Lego kits.

Other strong days in terms of store sales included pre-Christmas events such as Black Friday and Free Shipping Days.

“During the first day of Free Transport Days, which traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping season and the Black Friday event, the amount of orders was one-fifth lower compared to the record day,” Braverman added.

The e-commerce turnover for the whole of last week should exceed four billion crowns. This year, Czech e-commerce turnover is expected to exceed 115 billion crowns for the whole year. Approximately one third of that will be Christmas revenue.