Czech Radio holding series of events to mark 70th anniversary of Prague Uprising

Prague Uprising

Events marking the end of WW II are taking place around the country. Czech Radio, located in Prague’s Vinohrady district, played an important role in the Prague Uprising and a raging battle took place outside the radio building as citizens responded to a desperate radio appeal for them to help defend the station. On the 70th anniversary of the Battle for Czech Radio the country’s public broadcaster has organized a series of events for the public. Czech Radio’s spokesman Jiri Hošna explains what will be taking place.

Prague Uprising
“First of all, I would like to say that for us May 5th is an exceptional date because Czech Radio was a direct participant in the Prague Uprising in 1945. So we have prepared several events for the public. On Tuesday at midday there will be a ceremony outside Czech Radio headquarters on Vinohradská street –the radio’s historic building -at which we will unveil a memorial with the names of another 81 people who defended Czech Radio and who died in the Battle for Czech Radio in 1945.”

I understand there will also be an exhibition of previously unpublished photographs here in the Czech Radio building?

“Yes, we will open an exhibition of previously unpublished photos and the public will also have the opportunity to see a documentary film with rare footage that shows the heroism of Czech Radio employees and insurgents in the Battle for Czech Radio.”

Jiří Hošna | Photo: Zdeněk Novosad,  Czech Radio
And tomorrow night there is the highlight of all these events – a video mapping on Old Town Square that Czech Radio commissioned. Can you tell us about that?

“Yes, it will start at 9 pm and is a big event for the general public. There will be a video mapping and light show that will commemorate the heroism of the armies that liberated our country. The details of what people will see are still being kept under wraps, but it will be screened on the building of the City Hall on Old Town Square and we hope that it will be a big show and that people will enjoy it.”

I assume there are also plenty of Czech Radio programs devoted to this anniversary?

“Czech Radio has a special project this year it is called ( and all our stations are participating in it. The project presents not only our big heroes, but asks who is a hero and what is heroism, so there are many stories, real-life incidents, there will be profiles of many well-known persons and great heroes from Czech history on our website and reports on their lives as well as a more general focus on the meaning of heroism.”

So we are not only talking about heroism during the war but present day acts of heroism as well?

Czech Radio building during the Prague Uprising | Photo: Czech Radio
“It is heroism from the past but also from the present- day. The project will culminate on November 11th (International Veterans Day) when we will hold a special Concert for Heroes in Ostrava, not just past heroes but also present-day heroes, such as the soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq who are on foreign missions.

The video mapping on Prague’s Old Town Clock tower called Radio 45 at 9:15 p.m. on May 5 and should last for about 10 minutes. It will be repeated five times to accommodate viewers. Prior to this there will be a ride of historical vehicles and a concert by the Gustav Brom orchestra.