Czech pop singer fights for life after Ostrava pub brawl

Michal Hrůza, photo: CTK

Czech pop singer Michal Hrůza was taken to hospital in critical condition early on Thursday after sustaining a serious brain injury in a pub fight in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava. The 43-year-old musician has undergone brain surgery, but doctors say the prognosis is uncertain.

Michal Hrůza,  photo: CTK
The incident involving one of the Czech Republic’s most popular singers and hit makers, Michal Hrůza, occurred around 3:30 AM outside a bar in Ostrava’s Stodolní Street, the city’s nightlife district.

The police have not released any further details of the incident but Hrůza reportedly got involved in a violent fight with several other men outside Dublin Pub, one of Stodolní’s popular establishments.

The singer was taken to hospital and diagnosed with cerebral haemorrhage. Ostrava Municipal Hospital’s spokeswoman, Magda Otáhalová spoke to Czech Radio shortly before noon on Thursday.

“Michal Hrůza is in a very serious condition and is now undergoing surgery. He has been hospitalized in the neurosurgical section of our intensive care unit with a severe brain injury. But he’s in very good hands; he is being operated on by the head doctor of the neurosurgical department Marián Starý.”

Michal Hrůza, a native of eastern Bohemia, came to prominence as the leader of Ready Kirken, a band that formed in 1996. Five years later, the band released their debut album, Vlny, or Waves and scored their biggest hit, Zejtra mám, or Tomorrow I Have.

Ready Kirken went on to release another four albums before Hrůza left in 2006 to form his new band, Kapela Hrůzy. He has also authored songs for several other performers including the hit tune Voda živá, or Water of Life, recorded by Aneta Langerová in 2005. Michal Hrůza has also composed film and TV scores.

Stodolní Street,  Ostrava,  photo: Dana Josefová
Thursday’s incident happened hours after Hrůza’s concert in the centre of Ostrava. He was also scheduled to appear at the major Colours of Ostrava festival on Thursday night. The festival’s manager, Zlata Holušová, says another band will substitute for the injured performer.

“We have asked the band Vložte kočku to replace him and they immediately agreed so it will be a concert in his support. I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope he will come to play next year.”

The police have meanwhile asked any witnesses of the incident to come forward and assist with the investigation.