Czech by Numbers - Two


Welcome to Radio Prague's own Czech language series - Czech by Numbers which explores Czech numbers, numerals and their derivations in different contexts, as well as idioms and collocations. Today's being the second lesson, we'll be looking at number two - dva.

That's if we're talking about two men, for example. The word changes its form in the feminine and neuter genders: Two women or two cars would be dvě ženy - and - dvě auta.

The number two in the Czech language is declined according to its own rules - it is a relic of the old Slavic dual number which has different forms than the plural. Similar grammatical rules are applied to the names of some pairs of organs or parts of the body. But that is all too specific for our little course.

The actual figure two is called dvojka. It can mean anything from the second best mark in school, to a number-two tram, to the second gear in a car, to a lateral incisor. The word dvojka can also be used as a short form of Prague 2 - a district in which the Czech Radio building is located.

A double, as in a look-alike, is dvojník. Not to be confused with dvojče - a twin. The plural, twins, is dvojčata. On the other hand, the word dvojice means a pair, a couple.

The adjective double is dvojitý, as in a double whisky please - dvojitou whisky, prosím.

So this is for our lesson number two. We have handled it jedna-dvě, literally one-two, meaning quickly and with ease - in a tick.

Thanks for being with us and till next week - na shledanou and bye-bye.