Czech-Egyptian expedition uncovers 4,300-year-old tomb

A team of Czech and Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered a tomb near the windy sand dunes of Abu Sir, seventeen miles from the Egyptian capital Cairo. They claim the tomb, belonging to a 6th-dynasty nobleman named Inti, is over 4,300 years old, the latest in a long line of successes for world-renowned Czech Egyptology. Pavla Navratilova has the report:

The leader of the Abu Sir expedition, Vratislav Vachala, and his team have been excavating the tomb since October and findings include a large alabaster sarcophagus, three almost intact statues, fragments of funeral jars, wall reliefs, and skeletal remains. Although the tomb was robbed in the ancient past, it remains well-preserved and the findings are of great importance, as Professor Miroslav Verner from the Czech Institute of Egyptology explains:

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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