Cycling from Hungary to Britain with a message of peace

From Budapest to London is a long way, especially on a bicycle. But two Hungarian men have set out to cycle two thousand kilometres across Europe (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium) to deliver a message of peace to the British capital. The idea comes from the veteran long-distance cyclist Jozsef Zelei.

Radio Budapest spoke to one of the organisers, Andrea Dugo:

"They prepared for it very well and have been thinking about it for a long time. I think it's quite a challenge and it proves a purpose. They believe that as a man of nature, they can deliver a nice idea."

What is the message that they will take?

"The main idea, or main message, is to protest against terrorism and to support love and affection and make sure that the message is received."

What kind of equipment will they take along?

"Well, since it's only the two of them on their bicycles, they will have a service car with them, so that they don't have to worry about bags."

There will also be a camera man, who will film this journey...

"That's right. They will have a small team with them to record everything and make a documentary."

How was the route chosen?

"Many people showed interest and kept in touch on the internet. So they organized the route according to them to visit those interested. They will go from city to city or town to town to visit them and let them sign the Book of Peace."

They will have the Book of Peace but also a flag of peace with them. For what purpose?

"Just to show people what their purpose is and make sure that the message goes through."

So, where will they stop and who will they be meeting?

"They will be meeting the mayors of the towns and cities. At the main squares, the mayors will have a little welcoming reception party, to help popularize the idea among the locals."

Are only the two Hungarians going on this tour or will there be others following in their footsteps?

"Whoever feels like it can join them, but it's only the two of them officially."

What will they do in London when they get there?

"They will present their documents to the mayor of London, which I think is quite exceptional. This proves how important this little mission is."

Who is financing it all? They need catering and many other things.

"They are financing it themselves. They will have a few items with them that are unique for Hungary, such as some of its famous wine, which they will give to the mayors."