Culture ministry lifts fine on Prague for botched Charles Bridge reconstruction

The Ministry of Culture has lifted a 3.25 million crown fine imposed on the City of Prague for damage done to Charles Bridge during its reconstruction. The fine was originally imposed in March by the Region of Plzeň, which was to mediate the matter to avoid a conflict of interests. However, the Ministry of Culture said Thursday that it found procedural errors in the case, that the defendent’s motions had not been considered and the amount of the fine had not been justified. The region, the ministry said, should supplement its evidence, correct the errors and issue a new decision on the matter. The Ministry of Culture itself has previously criticised the city for shoddy masonry work on the 15th century bridge, among other things. Charles Bridge is the second oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic and one of its most prized monuments. It has been undergoing restoration for the last two years.