Chinaski – One of the Czech Republic’s best-known pop bands touring with No Reason to Cry

Chinaski, foto: presentación oficial, Universal Music

Chinaski is one of the Czech Republic’s best known pop bands, established back in 1987 – two years before the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia.

Chinaski, photo: archive of Chinaski / Universal Music
The band was founded by Pavel Grohman and Michal Novotný (later Malatný) who brought his own distinct vocals and style to the band and back then the group was called Starý hadry - Old Stuff.

Since 1994, the group has been called Chinaski, after the character in Charles Bukowski’s work. The band’s fame grew in the 1990s. Recently, Chinaski released a new album entitled Není nám do place which could be translated as We are not crying or No reason to cry and the band has been promoting the album and touring Czech cities throughout the autumn, culminating with a performance in Prague on November 16 – a day before the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.