Brno theatre fest to get lower subsidy over controversial plays

The South-Moravian region has indicated it will cut the planned subsidy to the Festival Theatre World Brno because of two controversial plays performed within this particular cultural event.

Spokeswoman Monika Brindzáková told the ctk news agency on Monday that governor Bohumil Šimek would propose exempting the two controversial theatre plays from the subsidy package.

They are the Croat play Our violence, Your Volence, which caused protests in Brno on Sunday and the play Damnation, both directed by Oliver Frljich.

The head of the National Theatre Brno, Martin Glaser, who slammed the show of intolerance during a performance of the play Our violence, Your violence on Sunday night, said this would not present a problem since the plays would be covered by a subsidy from the Czech Ministry of Culture.