Babiš: Son remains convinced he was in Crimea involuntarily

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš discussed an affair surrounding his family in a half-hour TV interview on Sunday night. A day after visiting his son, Andrej Babiš Jr., in Switzerland, he told TV Nova that the latter remained convinced that he was taken to Russia and later Crimea against his will.

The son made the claim in a Seznam Zprávy report broadcast last Monday, saying that his father wanted him to “disappear” at a time he was sought for questioning over a corruption case involving the PM. Mr. Babiš says his son is mentally ill and denies having him forcibly removed from the Czech Republic.

Andrej Babiš’s ex-wife also appeared on TV Nova on Sunday. She read a short statement criticising the journalists from Seznam Zprávy who spoke to her son and describing the situation as an “outrageous campaign”.

The prime minister, his son and other members of his family are facing criminal charges of wrongfully acquiring CZK 50 million in EU grants in connection with a hotel and conference complex known as Stork’s Nest near Prague.

Author: Ian Willoughby