Austrians blocking all fifteen Czech-Austrian crossings

On Thursday last week, Austrian anti-nuclear activists recommenced their blockades of border crossings on the Czech-Austrian border in protest over the Temelin nuclear power plant in South Bohemia. As of Sunday afternoon all fifteen border crossings between the two countries were completely impassable. The demonstrators claim that Temelin was put on line without the completion of proper safety checks, and want it shut down for at least six months in order for these checks to be carried out. According to members of the Austrian initiative Stop Temelin, they are ready to continue their blockades until Thursday. As with previous blockades, this has severely strained Czech-Austrians relations. Earlier, Lucie Krupickova talked to Kerry Skyring of Austrian International Radio, and asked him how realistic is it that the Austrian demonstrators will achieve their aims with the blockades?

Author: Lucie Krupičková
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