American astronaut visits village of his forefathers

Last weekend the sleepy village of Dolni Lukavice in West Bohemia buzzed with excitement, as a rather unusual, but famous, person came to visit the home of his forefathers. The distinguished guest was none other than James Arthur Lovell, the commander of the world-famous Apollo 13 mission to the moon. Mr. Lovell's ancestors apparently hail from Dolni Lukavice, and hoards of excited locals came out to greet him as if he were the prodigal son returning home. So proud were the inhabitants of Dolni Lukavice of their most famous son, or grandson, or second cousin removed, or what have you, that they bestowed upon James Arthur Lovell honorary citizenship of Dolni Lukavice. Radio Prague's West Bohemian correspondent, Premysl Rosulek, caught up with the former astronaut during his trip and managed to ask him a quick question before he was swallowed up by the crowd:

Author: Přemysl Rosůlek
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