Almost 11,000 Czech drivers have lost their licenses since points system introduced

New figures from the Czech Transport Ministry suggest that since the new points system was introduced for drivers in 2006 10,754 people have lost their licenses. Prior to the points system, drivers were able to pay fines for traffic violations, leading to criticism that drivers, particularly wealthy ones could essentially escape responsibility for reckless driving. The Czech government changed the rules in order to battle high numbers of traffic accidents in the country. The new figures also detail that 575, 731 drivers were given penalty points – there are currently an estimated 6.3 million driving license holders in the country according to the Transport Ministry. These numbers indicate that around 15 percent of drivers do not have so-called “clean licences” a number three percent lower than in Germany. Further evidence that the points system appears to be working is that fatalities on Czech roads have fallen by around ten percent from the previous year.

Author: Dominik Jůn