Aktuálně: Entry into pubs and mass events could be made possible for people with vaccine

The Ministry of Health is planning a system that would allow pub owners to check if their guests have received the coronavirus vaccine, news site Aktuálně.cz reported on Tuesday. The details could be checked by a staff member using a phone in front of the establishment and this system could also be used at other mass gatherings such as sports or cultural events, Aktuálně.cz writes, using a working version of the Ministry of Health’s plan as a source.

However, Aktuálně cites the document as stating that it is unclear whether such a measure would get legislative approval and it would require the vaccine to be widely available before the system could be implemented.

On Monday, Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček said that entry to mass events and some establishments could be made to require a negative coronavirus test.

Author: Tom McEnchroe