A culinary adventure hailing from Slovenia

Halley Crane, photo: archive of Halley Crane

Whenever I go to a new city one of my first tasks is to get lost on an empty stomach. There is such an incredible rush I get when on the search for something new to tantalize my palate.

Halley Crane,  photo: archive of Halley Crane
On one of my most recent excursions through Prague, I stumbled upon a gem unlike any other, and by far the best dining experience I have had since coming to Prague. Foodadventure is the masterpiece of two passionate foodies hailing from Slovenia. The concept is a multi-dimensional company made up of a restaurant, food tour, and artisanal delicacy distributor dedicated towards serving the community rustic Slovenian and Mediterranean dishes from the freshest ingredients available.

At Foodadventure’s restaurant, Nenasyta, I took my seat in the tiny dining room that felt more like a home than a fine dining affair. With just two wooden, family style tables and classic tunes playing in the background, the restaurant had a casual ambiance and calming atmosphere. I was delightfully shocked when the waitress brought me my own jug of flat water without even having to ask, which is a true rarity in Europe. She laid down a basket of freshly sliced homemade bread and instantly I was put into a trance. Never before did I think bread and water could make such an impression.

Photo: Halley Crane
At Nenasyta, each dish is made in-house from start to finish by the skilled hands that have been doing it for years. Soon my casual Tuesday lunch turned into an artfully crafted 4 course affair, starting with a carrot, ginger, and orange soup, and moving on to a salad with pumpkin seed oil. I had never tasted produce so fresh since being in Prague, and I had to pull the manager aside to ask where they had obtained such ingredients. I soon learned that the majority of the goods used in the restaurant were selected from a handful of local farms, each visited and investigated by the owners before purchase. The amount of time and care that goes into each dish is artfully represented by delicious flavors. The special of the day, octopus goulash, was perfectly paired with hands down the best gnocchi I have ever tasted. The clouds of potato goodness melted in my mouth and brought me into a world far from Prague 6. The meal before me warmed both my stomach and my heart. Waiting for the dessert I thought, there was absolutely no way that this tiny restaurant could have no culinary flaws, and was quickly proven wrong by a piece of skillfully crafted sweet and tart blueberry pie.

Photo: Halley Crane
As I walked towards my metro stop away from Nenasyta, my face stuck into a satisfied smile. For the rest of the day I was telling friends and strangers all about this incredible meal that I found out of sheer luck. In Czech, Nenasyta means insatiable, which is exactly how I felt after my first time at the restaurant…I couldn’t get enough. The next day I followed the owner of Nenasyta, Meti Kosec, to the Jiřák farmers market. She taught me about the variety of meats and cheeses hailing from Slovenia, as I munched on one of the spinach burek pastries that I had watched being handmade a day earlier. I walked away with the makings for a fabulous dinner--fresh prosciutto, cheese, Slovenian greens, and pumpkin seed oil, and for the second day in a row, Foodadventure took my breath away. I couldn’t stay away for long so the very next day I took a stroll along the river to find Foodadventure in the center of the Náplavka farmers market. Meti was serving freshly grilled calamari made to order with mashed potatoes drizzled with herb pesto. One bite and my Saturday was made. I felt like I had been far too spoiled for my own good, so I had to take a few days off before returning to Nenasyta for their dinner menu.

Photo: Halley Crane
Octopus ceviche, mixed seafood with fresh pasta, and apple profiteroles. Needless to say I had found my culinary haven. The impeccable service and a comfortable dining environment makes Nenasyta the perfect spot for a lovely date night or family celebration. Foodadventure’s dedication to their original concept should not go unnoticed, and I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon it.