Up to 15 countries could join Czech initiative to purchase shells for Ukraine from outside EU

After a several-hour summit in Paris on Monday evening to discuss aid for Ukraine, which was attended by leaders from 20 European countries, including Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that a coalition to supply medium and long-range missiles to the embattled country would be formed. He added that there is no agreement on sending allied soldiers to Ukraine but nothing can be ruled out. He also said that France would join the Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine from outside the EU.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala estimates that up to 15 countries could join the Czech initiative, with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also announcing that the Netherlands would contribute 100 million euros. Mr. Fiala said that the purchase and delivery of the shells could take place in a matter of "weeks or months".

Author: Anna Fodor